Are you eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit?

Friday, January 27, 2012
By Julie Wiegan


Today, January 27, 2012 is National Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Awareness Day. This credit is designed to give money back to hard working taxpayers who earned less than $49,078 in 2011. But, surprisingly millions of dollars go unclaimed each year. According to statistics, one in five people that are eligible for EITC of up to $5,751 fail to claim their money.

Those with disabilities or caring for people with disabilities, limited English speakers, those living in rural areas and those whose employment or marital status changed in 2011 are at the highest risk of overlooking the refund.

To help rectify this problem, WE Connect has created a quick and easy online EITC calculator called the WEb Connector EZ. Developed by Intuit, Inc., this program asks four easy questions and within minutes lets taxpayers know whether they qualify. After using the calculator, enter your zip code and locate free tax assistance programs available from the IRS and local community agencies.

Click HERE to connect to the WEb Connector EZ in English or Spanish.

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