Cash strapped – sell your gold the right way!

Friday, October 17, 2008
By Sara Moore


It may not be your first choice, but one way to make money during these hard economic times is to sell your gold and silver jewelry. According to Dan Brauser, President and COO of, gold tends to do very well when our economy is doing poorly because investors flock to safe haven investments (gold is in this category), which drives up the cost per ounce and benefits those looking to sell. In fact, received gold, silver and platinum pieces from residents of all 50 states and the District of Columbia in just one month.

Don’t just sell your gold, do it the right way! Brauser shares his tips on getting the most money for your precious metals.

Sell online
Since local jewelers/pawn brokers use subcontractors to sell their gold items to metal refineries, customers get paid less because the jeweler/pawn broker compensates for the fees associated with their own re-selling process. Online outlets cut out the middle man by working directly with the refinery, which allows them to pass the savings onto the customer.

Credibility through company affiliations
When searching for a trustworthy jewelry buyer online, pay close attention to what partnerships the jewelry buyer advertises on their website to ensure third-party approval. For example, Dollars4Gold is a member of the Better Business Bureau Online, the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, International Precious Metals Institute and is a certified licensee of the TRUSTeĀ® Privacy Seal Program.

Identify shipping procedures
Any type of valuable, whether it’s your grandma’s silver flatware or your high school class ring, should be shipped safely and securely without cost for the customer. Be sure the jewelry buyers offer the following before sending your valuable precious metals items: a satisfaction guarantee; package shipments through a nationally recognized and trusted postal service like the United States Postal Service; a tracking number which helps track the shipment through the day it’s received by the refinery; and cost-free shipping and insurance.

Test your valuables before selling
Find out if it’s real by running a magnet over it. Pure gold, silver, platinum and most other precious metals are non-magnetic. Although gold and silver jewelry are sometimes mixed with other metals which are magnetic, usually the amount of other metal contained in the alloy is not sufficient to make your jewelry stick to a magnet. Before selling your items, spread them out on a paper towel and run a common refrigerator magnet over them. If your items stick to the magnet, chances are they are not real and you should not sell them.

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Sell Gold Jewelry

Good info. In this economy, who couldnt use a few extra dollars for gold that is just laying around collecting dust.


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Sell Gold

Gold is at an all time high now, reaching over $1000 so now is the perfect time to sell your old gold. Now being in the business I have dealt with a lot of online gold buyers and local pawn shops – my 2 cents – shop around for the best payout. :)

Erik P.

Great article! I hear good and bad things about some of the gold buyers. However, everyone should first research and THEN sell. If you sell based on impulse you could end up selling it for far less than it’s worth. Go to and checking out what other people have to say about the service first. Also, if you have used them before let other people know if you had a good experience! If not, tell them to run far away – fast! lol. Good luck!


Good info. In this economy, who couldnt use a few extra dollars for gold that is just laying around collecting dust.Thanks for share, you are great

Maeline Jacko

What purpose do u receive by distracting others with meaningless trash to be put into commercials