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Wednesday, November 23, 2011
By Tricia Stevens

Although Groupon has grown in popularity, it only allows consumers to take advantage of deals in their area. But what if you can get discounted rates every day of the week both online and nationally? DailyDeals.com saw this void and decided to fill it. The new website, which launched earlier this month allows consumers to save up to 60% on clothing, home improvement items, electronics and much more.

DailyDeals.com has given us a sneak peek to upcoming deals on their website:
1. On Black Friday, the site will be featuring Fashionplaytes.com, a website where young girls can design their own clothing.($40 for only $20)
2. On Cyber Monday, they will be featuring Jewelry.com for sitewide jewelry.($100 for just $49)

Here are 5 tips for holiday shoppers from Steve Schaffer, CEO of DailyDeals.com:

Shop online
You’ll get a much better value and selection shopping online than going into a store. Also, online coupons offer extra discounts that are often not found in stores. And of course, it allows you to spend more time with your family and friends during the holidays instead of battling long lines at the malls.

Determine your budget and make a list
Prevent overspending by setting a budget for holiday gift purchases. Make a list of people you are buying for and exactly how much you want to spend. Online shopping also helps with setting a budget because you are less likely to impulse buy when shopping online. Also, don’t forget to make room in your budget for holiday cards, parties, office secret Santa gifts, and holiday travel expenses.

Do your research
We recently completed a national telephone survey, conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs and commissioned by Offers.com, asking consumers about their holiday spending. The survey found that 87% of consumers plan on spending the same or less than they did last year. With many large retail stores releasing their Black Friday deals early, consumers will have many opportunities to save money by finding the best deals and which stores are offering them. Consumers should check out sites like Offers.com where it is easy for holiday shoppers to find all the best Black Friday 2011 Deals and Cyber Monday 2011 Deals.

Shop all year
The survey also found that 49% of shoppers have been spreading their holiday purchasing out all year, looking for online coupons, special sales and deals – anywhere they can save. Only 18% plan on waiting to shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. By stretching gift budgets out year round, consumers can save money and take less of hit on their wallet in November and December. This year is almost over, so if you haven’t been doing this, you can try this idea out for next year’s gift shopping.

Don’t forget about daily deals sites
Nearly 30% of consumers have used daily deal sites to save on purchases. With sites like DailyDeals.com , which provides up to 60% off from national and online-only stores, consumers can get substantial discounts on hot gift items. For example at DailyDeals.com, consumers can purchase a voucher and use it to purchase a specific item for someone on their gift list, or they can gift the voucher to someone else. As the holidays get closer, there will be more deals on the daily deals sites that are geared to being good holiday gifts.

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