Get discounted gift cards this holiday!

Monday, December 19, 2011
By Julie Wiegan


If you’re looking to save money on gift cards, visit and then use the following tips to save even more!

1. Monitor all merchants to see when they run sales.

2. Use a shopping caparison website to find the merchant that has the items you want for the cheapest.

3. Apply for a cashback credit card. Some credit cards can give you 1-4% cash back on your purchases.

4. Use the cash back credit card to purchase gift cards to your favorite merchant at The average savings is 15% off with some merchants and can go as high as 35% off.

5. Browse online to find coupons for that merchant. Coupons can be combined with the gift cards purchased at a discount from to save you even more.

6. If placing an order online, first go to a cashback website such as where you can get cash back from the purchase you make online. These cashback sites can give you an additional 2-4% cashback which is part of their affiliate commission they get from the merchant for referring you.

7. Use the gift card from with the coupon you found to pay for your order online.

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[…] Get discounted gift cards this holiday! ( […]


[…] Get discounted gift cards this holiday! ( […]