Save with Ellie Kay

Thursday, May 01, 2008
By Sara Moore

Leading financial expert Ellie Kay shows us how to save money and spend wisely in today’s economy in her easy-to-read book A Tip a Day with Ellie Kay. Just some of the things she talks about are saving on transportation, medication, and every girls favorite – clothes!


How to Save on Clothing:
Comparison Shop. Go to or to compare prices on brand names.
Find internet deals on such sites as to find codes that will give you free shipping, gifts, or percentages off.
Buy your favorite brands at the end of the season sale.
If you travel or live in a large city, visit the garment district to find tailors who specialize in custom-made clothing such as suits.
Shop mid-week at discount outlets such as Saks Outlet, Nordstrom Rack and Neiman Marcus Rack to get a better selection and better value.

How to Save on Transportation:
Used Cars
Do not buy a used car from a smoker. Cigarette smoke damages seals, glue and upholstery which devaluates a car.
Find the repair history on the car of interest by getting the vehicle ID number and log on to
Gas Mileage
Get gas at the grocery store. Some chains will give you a nice discount when using a store card.
Remove unnecessary weight from the trunk.
Turn off the air conditioner and roll up the windows. You lose 4mpg by running the A.C. or keeping the windows open on the highway.

How to Save on Medications:
Ask your doctor for samples.
Ask your doctor if there is an over the counter equivalent to a prescribed drug.
Go generic. They’re FDA approved, and save both you and your insurance company money.
Get financial help on prescriptions at which links you to more than 475 assistance programs and 150 pharmaceutical company programs.
Use store coupons for prescriptions. Look in the sale ads for transferred or new prescriptions.

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