Stay Connected Working from Home

Thursday, November 01, 2007
By Abbey Khan

Almost 23.5 million Americans work from home, and that number is expected to reach 40 million by 2010. Although this may be convenient and often more productive, it can be a social downfall.

Beth N. Carvin, CEO of Nobscot Corporation, a software company that provides business solutions for human resources professionals shares her tips for keeping socially active.


Join online forums. You may have the same profession in common, but this is a social outlet where you can connect with people nationwide and feel less isolated. You can even meet them in person if you’re traveling in their area. Find out about these forums through your old association or ask for referrals for social groups.

Network with people you already know. Start or join a group that gets together twice a month for lunch. At each lunch, one person will be responsible for bringing someone new to the group. Have an agenda or tackle problems that you need help with such as work or financial challenges. Limit the group to 6-12 people.

Become a mentor or mentee. If you’re telecommuting, ask your company if they sponsor a mentor program. You can be either the mentor or mentee and it can be formal or informal depending on your needs and schedule.

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