Surviving Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Tuesday, November 24, 2009
By Sara Moore

The Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving mark the busiest days to shop, but these are also the best times to get great deals. The experts at and offer their tips on saving money and time when shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Make a list
By planning ahead and organizing a list of needs, you will shop more efficiently and save time.

Create a budget
When shopping for many items, figure out your finances so you’ll keep to a smart financial plan and stop yourself from overspending.

Shop online
Retailers have more flexibility to reduce prices and offer last minute deals online than at stores. Shopping online makes it easy to compare prices and products and search for special promotions among competitors without having to run from store to store.


Keep checking for savings
For Black Friday/Cyber Monday, most offers will be available for one day only. However, there are sales or discounts that may be limited to several hours. Therefore, check throughout the day to find a deal. Using websites such as and will ensure you don’t miss out on a single offer and save you time. Users can also search by specific category like clothing, accessories, travel, electronics, sporting goods and much more.

Black Friday or Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday is known to offer great deals. If you miss an offer on Black Friday, rest assured that you may find an equally amazing offer or an even better deal on Cyber Monday.

Use coupons
If you are shopping online and skipping over the “promotional code” box featured on the checkout page, you are missing out on savings. Sites like and offer thousands of coupons and codes for over 8,000 stores on everything from clothing to electronics, computers, travel, home improvement and much more.

Stack coupons
Combine coupons for money off with free shipping codes to get the most of a purchase. Think of the savings you could get by adding a coupon to a sale or clearance item.

Stock up
Sometimes you need to buy more to save. This applies to holiday shopping as well. A certain coupon or offer may only apply to a certain purchase value. If it’s a great deal, consider buying another item from the same retailer for another gift in order to benefit from the savings reward.

Read the fine print
Check to see if there is an expiration date, minimum size order, or other exclusions on an offer that may affect your savings before you buy.


Send gifts directly to recipients
Avoid lugging gifts around town or on flights which may lead to a pricey fee for overweight bags. Order online, use a free shipping code, and ship directly to the recipient. You may choose to have the present gift-wrapped for a special holiday touch as well.

Understand the return/exchange policy
Many retailers may actually extend the return/exchange period through the holidays. Also, check to find out if the retailer offers cash back or only a credit to the store. You don’t want to give a gift to someone who may have trouble exchanging the item.

Order online and pick up at store
Many stores allow consumers to purchase items online and pick-up in-store, a great option for those who like the instant gratification of shopping. Otherwise, this may serve as a way to browse in-store sales but benefit from online coupons. See an item in a store, check your handheld internet and search for a promotional code first! If the store doesn’t allow in-store pick up that day, at least you will feel satisfied knowing you scored a better deal online.

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