Meet Emmy Rossum– The Singer

Saturday, September 01, 2007
By Abbey Khan

No doubt, you know Emmy Rossum as the intelligent, beautiful and talented actress from blockbuster movies such as The Phantom of the Opera, Mystic River and Poseidon. Now it’s time to get to know Emmy as a songstress, whose already proving herself as a singing sensation with her new EP Inside Out that landed at No. 14 on iTunes’ top album chart after only one week.


FUSN: You have so many talents – acting, now singing & songwriting. Which hat do you like to wear most?
ER: Music has always actually been my first love. I think I’m more known as an actress but I started singing when I was 7 after my second grade teacher sent me over to the Metropolitan Opera in NY where I grew up and I sang there for 6 years. The only reason I actually got into acting was because I got too tall for the children’s costumes. I’ve always loved playing music and I’ve always loved playing characters but this record for me is the first time where I don’t have to say someone else’s lines and I really get to express myself and my heart in that way. The lyrics are extremely personal but I also wanted to be completely honest without being confessional or self-indulgent in any way. I think it speaks for not only me but for a lot of women in today’s society who can be strong, vulnerable and sensual, and don’t have to be objectified the way that women are a lot in top 40 radio.

FUSN: Are there any other career paths you’re looking to jump into – such as producing or directing?
ER: I’d love to be an astronaut – just kidding. No, I think music and films for me are the ultimates and whenever I can combine the two it’s the ultimate endeavor. I’d really love to tour and perform live. I think that sharing your music with people live is the most kind of intimate and direct connection you can have with them.
FUSN: Are you nervous about performing live at all?
ER: I think nervous-excitement, not nervous-dread. People work really hard to try to afford to go to a concert and I respect and appreciate that and want to give them everything they want.

FUSN: Do you have a personal favorite song on this EP?
ER: Right now I’m responding to the single Slow Me Down. I wanted to write it because I think in today’s contemporary society the world moves so fast and we’re so kind of overscheduled and overpaced and whether you’re a mom holding down three jobs to support your kids or studying, I think everyone moves so quickly. The message is slow me down just for a second so I don’t miss the things that are beautiful in life like falling in love and even things that are so much simpler than that.
FUSN: You’re so young to think about all that.
ER: (laughs) Only human.

FUSN: Your music is very different from what’s out there – where exactly do you think it fits in or does it in today’s music culture? For example, Norah Jones is more of a jazz artist, but her debut album found it’s way on to pop radio stations for which she won multiple Grammy’s.
ER: I think when people do something that’s different or outside the box, people realize they’re looking for something other than anything that sounds like everything else. When Amy Winehouse and Norah came out, they weren’t immediately played on the radio, but after the public really started to like them, they got on the radio. If radio comes, that’s great, but I really want to touch people directly.

FUSN: Is there a certain audience you want to capture with your music?
ER: I think all. I know everyone says that, but lyrically I appeal to people my age and older and I think musically it’s kind of bigger than me. I think it’s also kind of sensual and sexy in a way that will appeal to guys too. I try to express women the way I think women really are in contemporary society as strong and sensual and not just one or the other.
FUSN: Even the album cover looks sensual with how your hair and makeup is done.
ER: It’s not overdone in anyway. I don’t think you really have to show anything– it’s a lot about imagination.

FUSN: Inside Out is quickly making its way up the charts on iTunes. Soon enough, you could be up for a Grammy. Have you thought about the Grammy’s at all?
ER: I never thought about the Golden Globes or anything and when that came, that was a big surprise. I don’t do things for awards – that’s kind of a cherry on top, but if not I like it just the same as it is.

FUSN: Should we expect to see more of Emmy – the actress or Emmy – the singer?
ER: I think both actually. I hope to do a film later this year but right now I’m really focusing on the record. I really want to see this through and hopefully be successful and touch as many people as I can.

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12 years ago

I am a songwriter and wrote some great songs. I am looking for a very talented singer lke you. May I send my songs to you?