Lifehouse Tells Us Who They Are

Thursday, July 05, 2007
By Abbey Khan

lifehouse.jpg If their past work is any indication, expect to see Who We Are, the fourth album by Lifehouse, shoot straight to the top of the charts. In addition to releasing their new album, the boys are kicking off the summer by touring the country with the Goo Goo Dolls. Drummer Rick Woolstenhulme takes some time to talk to Fushion about the new album, the tour, and of course his band.

FUSN: What’s it like touring with the Goo Goo Dolls – were you guys already fans of the band?
RW: When I was in high school, I heard of the Goo Goo Dolls and I was a fan then, so it’s kind of cool to be going on the same stage with them because now it’s like we’re peers.

FUSN: Is there any other band today you would like to work with?
RW: There’s many. Right now, I’m really hip into Amy Winehouse. Mainly because I’m into the old motown funk recording process & she’s kind of bringing that back.
FUSN: So how are you going about that one?
RW: (laughs) I don’t know, we have to spread the word like wildfire.
FUSN: Ok, I’ll be sure to help with that.

FUSN: I noticed you co-wrote The Joke on this album, how did this song come about?
RW: That too was kind of a fluke. We were pretty much complete with the album at that point and we were coming back from a concert and Jason started strumming on it and we ended up writing it right away and really fast. The next morning in the studio we laid it down for real and it had this exciting kind of sound to it that was much different from what we’ve had in the past. It was kind of nice to put on a track that was more outside of the box for us.

FUSN: Do you write a lot of songs or do you plan on doing so in the future?
RW: No, not really. I mean, Jason is pretty much the main writer in the band. If it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it. He’s just a phenomenal writer. I’m a drummer but every now and then I’ll kick some ideas out.


FUSN: What was the inspiration for this album?
RW: Well, the whole vibe of the way this album was recorded is that we came off the road and pretty much went directly into the studio with no songs, no material. We kind of like set up all the gear and literally recorded while we pretty much wrote the songs on the spot and kind of just flowed with the vibe than coming up with a song and planning out all the parts and all the direction. It was more about just kind of feeling it.
FUSN: So how long did it take you to put this album together?
RW: This album in a round about way took maybe 6-7 months. We took a year off total, we cut two songs and finished them, then we’d take a week off, and then we would come back in and try another two songs – there was no high pressure really, it was more of what we were feeling and we laid it out on tape and went with it.

FUSN: How did you come up with the title Who We Are, which is also one of the tracks on the album?
RW: Well, the title and the art work and the campaign is about the 6-7 years we’ve been around. We’ve kind of been pigeon-holed to being this kind of band and we’re either this or that, that by this point in our career, we’re like circus freaks, everyone has their own vision of what we are, but we just make music and albums and put them out and tour. We feel that this album is the closest representation of us.

“this album is the closest representation of us.”

FUSN: Do you have a favorite song besides the one you wrote?
RW: (laughs) Yeah right, that would be my first choice I think. The single First Time is one of my favorites surprisingly. Normally I don’t love the singles, I’m more of the outside of the box guy in the band. That one particularly has got an electricity to it that it sounds like something fresh, we went back to sounding like a young inspired rock band playing in a garage.

FUSN: Who are your musical influences?
RW: All the greats – The Beatles, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones. Right now we’re way into The Rolling Stones. We got lucky a few years ago, we got the chance to open up for them for a few shows and that was amazing.
FUSN: I was thinking maybe even Green Day, I don’t know if you’re a fan of theirs?
RW: I’m a big fan of Green Day.
FUSN: Ok, ‘cause I see a little of influence there.
RW: Oh wow, cool.
FUSN: Have you ever met them or played with them?
RW: We’ve shared the stage with them at some radio festivals and they’re really one of the greatest live bands out there in my opinion. They’re very focused and they know how to play ball.

FUSN: A lot of musicians are diving into other careers, do you have any aspirations of maybe acting or modeling?
RW: Modeling – no. Acting, sometimes I guess. I had a brief stint when I was kind of getting involved in that but at this point the blinders are on and we’re focusing on playing arenas in the next couple of years, but other than that, who knows.
FUSN: What about a clothing line, a lot of musicians are doing that now, or what about producing?
RW: I use to make my own clothes a couple of years ago, but I was making some pretty far out there stuff and I think I started to scare the rest of my band. I was really into cutting my own stuff and making everything really wacky and years later I look back and I was taking the style out. I’m still proud of it.
FUSN: So you know how to sew?
RW: Well actually, I don’t know how to sew, but I was taking my things to a seamstress. She would pretty much put together shirts just out of fabric I would buy.
FUSN: Why were you making them, did you not find clothes that you liked or were you just too creative and had a lot of energy?
RW: For the most part I like to wear stuff that’s pretty tight, not tight as in too tight, but I’m like a pretty petite guy, so to find stuff that fits me right is pretty hard. It’s more of the Euro cut clothes that fits me better than the bigger American stuff, that’s why I started taking it to the seamstress and getting it all cinched up.

FUSN: Is there anything you want your fans to know?
RW: That I love them. I love them all.

Who We Are is now available nationwide and check out the following sites to find out where you can see Lifehouse in concert:

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