Friday, May 04, 2007
By Abbey Khan

macy1.jpg Macy Gray didn’t mean to be a big star, it just kind of happened. And it couldn’t have happened to a more talented and deserving person. Appropriately titled, her fourth album in almost four years, BIG marks Gray’s triumphant return with a diverse mix of songs that resonates with audiences, regardless of their musical preferences.

FUSN: Congratulations on your new album – it’s a big hit!
MG: Thank you, I had a lot fun making it.

FUSN: I have my own ideas as to why you named this album BIG, which is appropriately titled, but what’s your reason behind the name?
MG: You know, it’s named after my big butt and big heart (laughs).
FUSN: Well, definitely your big heart.

FUSN: How is BIG different from your other albums? Do you think your music has changed or evolved?
MG: It’s definitely evolved. It’s different ideas and a different time. I think it’s definitely a progression and it’s my favorite album.


FUSN: You have a lot of great songs on this cd, actually there’s not one song I didn’t want to listen to over and over again – do you have a particular favorite?
MG: I mean I love the whole album, but I listen to Ghetto Love a lot, I listen to Okay, I love Everybody – the whole album’s my favorite.

FUSN: Are any of the songs on this album true or do they have any special meaning to you?
MG: Every single one of them is true. My songs have been things that I’ve been through, things that have been on my mind – every song tells a story.

FUSN: You just have one hit album after another – what’s your secret?
MG: I’m growing, I pray a lot, I do the best I can. There’s really no secret, the best thing you can do is really love what you do, and the rest will fall into place.
FUSN: Well said.

“the best thing you can do is really love what you do.”

FUSN: You have some really amazing leading artists featured on this album – what made you want to work with Natalie Cole, and Fergie?
MG: I’m on Will’s label actually. We were all in London working and I was out on tour with the Peas and Fergie was hanging out, and Will just suggested it, and that’s pretty much it.

FUSN: How was it different working with each of them – Natalie’s music is so different from Will’s and Fergie’s?
MG: Well, Natalie’s a veteran. They’re all totally different people. There were just a lot of great ideas.

FUSN: You just seem so grounded, how do you stay that way with all your success?
MG: (My) kids are very grounding, they even come with me when I’m touring. And I’m around my friends and family a lot.

BIG is now available in stores nationwide. Log onto for more information and to preview her cd.

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