Pete Yorn to release self-titled album in September

Wednesday, June 09, 2010
By Julie Wiegan


Pete Yorn will release his self-titled album on September 28, 2010 on Vagrant Records. The album was recorded on the spur-of-the-moment in the summer of 2008 with producer Frank Black (The Pixies). At the time, Yorn was in the working on his album Back & Fourth in Nebraska when Black sent him an email to record some tracks. Yorn hopped on a plane to Salem, Oregon, where they set up an impromptu studio and recorded the album in only five days.

“Pete told me he wanted to better define himself as an artist,” Black said. I think he just wanted to rock out. But as we headed down a path of realization I stripped him down a whole bunch. We battled in the best sort of way. I tried to get the session into a fearless and raw place, and to his artistic credit Pete took his songwriting to a fearless and raw place. This listener will find himself or herself sitting right next to Pete on the couch. And the record totally rocks out.”

The album is raw and comes from a place of shattered nerves and shifting dreams, but is still edged with hope. On the album’s first single, Sans Fear, Yorn contemplates a relationship’s end, while the songs Precious Stone and The Chase examine the ambivalence that eats away at us, robbing our finest moments of their joy, and on Future Life, the guy goes from freaking out about the future to embracing it and learning to appreciate what he has.

Tracklist is as follows:
1. Precious Stone
2. Rock Crowd
3. Velcro Shoes
4. Paradise Cove I
5. Badman
6. The Chase
7. Sans Fear
8. Always
9. Stronger than
10. Future Life
11. Wheels

Yorn will be touring to support this album with dates to be announced soon.


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