Susan Boyle covers Madonna on “I Dreamed A Dream”

Monday, October 12, 2009
By Julie Wiegan


It’s coming! On November 24, 2009, Susan Boyle of America’s Got Talent fame will release her debut album I Dreamed A Dream. Boyle covers Madonna’s You’ll See, Rolling Stones’ Wild Horses, and The Monkees’ Daydream Believer. Of course, she’ll also sing her signature tunes I Dreamed a Dream and Cry Me a River, and Who I Was Born to Be, an original song written specifically for Boyle.


“It was my greatest ambition to release an album and I have finally achieved it,” Boyle said. “There is happiness out there for everyone who dares to dream.”

“I Dreamed A Dream” track list
1. Wild Horses
2. I Dreamed A Dream
3. Cry Me A River
4. How Great Thou Art
5. You’ll See
6. Daydream Believer
7. Up To The Mountain
8. Amazing Grace
9. Who I Was Born To Be
10. Proud
11. The End of The World
12. Silent Night

Pre-order I Dreamed a Dream at or visit

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10 years ago

I have just received susan`s new cd I dream a dream for exmas. I love her voice,but hearing it for the first time tonight,I was so disappointed with the music,that seemed to be drowning susan`s voice. Her voice was so hard to hear through the loud orchestra,& made it sound like she was part of the background singers. Hope to hear your comment on this issue. Thank you.