Be inspired by others and live a better life

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
By Sara Moore


Shasta Nelson, founder of, which connects women for local, offline friendships says that instead of bringing other people down to make us feel better about ourselves, we should be inspired by them. Below are Nelson’s tips to stop criticizing and to start being positive.

Make others feel good
Engage in conversation that ensure that others leave feeling better about who they are.

Own your insecurities
When you see someone who has what you secretly want, choose to be inspired by it rather than threatened by it.

Don’t talk negatively about others
Refuse to engage in any conversation that puts others down. Whether those others are people you know (i.e. your ex’s, your family, your work colleagues) or people you may never meet (i.e. Charlie Sheen or the Kardashian sisters).

Believe in yourself
Belive that you are fabulous, talented and perfectly prepared to do your life calling. You are enough.

There’s enough room for everyone to succeed
Do not see life as a see-saw, where someone else has to fall before you can rise. There is room enough for all of us to be our best.

Let others do it their way
Give the freedom to others, including Oprah, to do life her very best way even if you would do it differently.

Bring change by being positive to others
Realize that if you want to bring change to this world, more people are transformed by affirmation and grace than by criticism and shame.

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