Clean out your love life!

Monday, March 21, 2011
By Julie Wiegan


Thank goodness, Winter is over! Now that Spring is finally here, it’s time for a budding romance. But you can’t move forward until you do a little spring cleaning of your own life. Relationship expert and author, Babe Scott, dined with more than 100 men and also interviewed 200 men and women about the relationship between a man’s dining style and his mating style. She says, “I discovered it is not just what a guy serves up at the table and in a relationship that is important. In order for you to conjure up your fillet-of-sole mate, it’s critical to be prepared to give your romantic life a spring clean. It’s all about finding a delicious new take on your love life. If you want to attract more appetizing amours, then it’s important that you take a fresh approach.” Here are Scott’s tips for making a clean sweep:

Exorcise the exes
There is a veritable encyclopedia of life lessons to learn from our exes and the more we absorb the wisdom we gained from each, the more we exorcise their influence. Spend time contemplating your dashed romances and consider what they taught you. Write down the lessons learned and from this distill what you want in the future. There’s no point being bitter as this only leads to wrinkles. After all, you invited your ex-partners into your life so simply bless them, extract the positives and move on.

Re-purpose your discarded dates
Go through your little black blackberry of discarded dates and recent amours to see if you can re-purpose them. There are plenty of ways they can help you expand your potential to meet a partner. Firstly, you can offer to set them up with friends and then ask them to return the favor. You can invite them to singles soirees and dinner parties to boost the testosterone ratio. Discarded dates can also be great wing man when you go out trawling the city for likely suspects. Guys tend to have a far better douche bag detector than your girlfriends. These men might also ask you to tag-a-long to functions where you are likely to meet new prospects.

Feng shui your fridge, your wardrobe and your attitude
Let’s be honest, would you date you? Not only should you do an inventory of the exes but do an honest appraisal of yourself. Consider if you possess the same qualities you would be looking for in a partner. Spring is the time for shedding skins. It’s the perfect time to launch the new and improved you. Get rid of habits and attitudes that aren’t serving you. Think about it: no one is going to think you are fabulous unless you do.

Beyond this, work on your seduction arsenal from your wardrobe to your fridge. Both should be extensions of the new temptress version of you. Ask a stylish girlfriend to give her verdict as you try on every ensemble in your wardrobe. If you don’t feel datable in an outfit, then give it away. Then work out what new items you need to turn your wardrobe into a weapon of mass seduction. The next step is to feng shui your fridge. Wear one of your sexiest outfits to get you in the mood to throw out the TV dinners for one. Fill your fridge full of tempting nibbles and quaffable wine. If you are domestically challenged ask a foodie friend to show you how to throw together some simple delicious snacks. Let the world know you are prepared for romance.

Spice up your social life
You definitely aren’t going to find your significant other while stapled to your couch. Spend time researching ways to meet members of the opposite sex. Put as much of a priority on spicing up your social life as you would on a work promotion. Research all the different ways to meet men, specifically the type of guys you are interested in. There are foodie groups, wine tastings, and singles events from soirees to cooking classes to salsa dancing you can test-drive. The list is only as long as your imagination. Get out there and sample the testosterone smorgasbord!

Get together a cheer squad of female friends to encourage you on your spring dating odyssey. Carrie would never have landed Mr. Big with a cat as her only encouragement. These sassy sisters can escort you on your evenings out and may also help you co-host singles’ dinner parties and get-togethers. You can pool your resources when it comes to expanding your social circles. Furthermore, it’s fun to share your stories on the dating frontlines over a drink or a few. Private jokes are about as much fun as TV dinners.

Babe Scott is the author of Delicious Dating: The Single Girl’s Guide to Decoding Men by Their Wining and Dining Styles, which is available at now.

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9 years ago

Haha, LOVE it! Never thought to repurpose old dates either, such a good idea. Going to be a great spring project!!