Madonna– too successful for marriage

Thursday, October 16, 2008
By Julie Wiegan

It’s official, Madonna and Guy Ritchie are divorcing. This is the second marriage and divorce for the “Material Girl.” Could it be that she’s just unlucky in love or is she too high-powered for her own good?

According to Divorce360 expert Tina Tessina, it’s hard for high-powered women to find a man who can deal with their status. “I think when one career is up, and the other down, is the most difficult thing for couples, especially if the man’s career is the less successful.”

Maybe you’re not in the public eye like Madonna, but you can relate as a successful career woman. Here are Tina’s tips to help keep your marriage intact.

Talk, talk, talk!
You’re both busy, but share ideas, wants and needs. You need to keep up with each other.

Two strong heads are best when they work together
Your individual strengths can cancel out each other’s weaknesses. Learn to be a team, and pull together.

Don’t compete with each other
Focus on using your collective power to compete in the outside world, not against each other.

Learn to brainstorm
Sharing ideas out loud, without criticism, really opens up your creative thinking. Together, you could save the world!

Don’t forget to have downtime
Be the safe place for each other to let down, and stop being so gosh darn in charge.

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