Move on to the next one already!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010
By Tricia Stevens


With Valentine’s Day approaching, there’s no better time than now to get over your breakup and move on! (OTTNO), a free online dating sites helps you do just this. A compliment to other dating websites, OTTNO removes the pressures commonly found in the world of online dating and the stigma against those on the rebound. Here, people can express their interest in dating without pursuing a serious relationship.


“We’re not just a dating website, but provide support and content to help guide people through the path of a relationship recovery,” said David R. Martin, Vice President of Development of OTTNO. “By doing so, we hope to help people achieve self-actualization and become the best person they can be, which naturally leads them to becoming more attractive to the kinds of partners they want.”

Here are some features users can engage in:

Focuses on self-improvement with an emphasis on health, fitness, fashion, career and goals.

Gathers a user’s network of friends and family into their support system.


Encourages people to move on and focus on finding “the next one.”

Provides various search options to locate the potential “next one.”

Determine who’s viewed you
Learn more about who has viewed your profile.

Upload photos to help others learn about you.

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