matches singles by the foods they eat

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
By Sara Moore

Ladies, you don’t have to nibble on your food and can just dig in on your next first date thanks to the new dating site, which matches singles by their food preferences. Founded by Jeff Nimoy, an Emmy Award winning writer and producer, members are matched based on the foods they eat or don’t eat, diet, food allergies or restrictions, or if they just enjoy a certain type of cuisine, there is a match for them.

Nimoy explains why he started this dating site, “About 3 years ago I started eating an all organic diet. It suddenly occurred to me, if I ever want to get married, I’m gonna have to find a women who’s willing to eat this way, otherwise, we’ll have to cook two meals every time we sit down to dinner! Then I realized every couple that eats differently must have this problem. How can vegans and meat lovers make it over the long haul?! I did some research, and “incompatible diet” is one of the top reasons couples break up! So I created for everyone with this problem… but mostly so I can find a girl who likes my cooking!” is available in the U.S. and Canada and is free to join.

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