E! Entertainment Special: THE BACHELOR – Then & Now

Wednesday, July 21, 2010
By Julie Wiegan


Andrew Firestone, Matt Grant, Deanna Pappas, Andy Baldwin, Bob Guiney, Jillian Harris, Rozlyn Papa and other cast members from The Bachelor talk about their experiences on and off the show on E! Entertainment Special: The Bachelor – Then & Now.

Here are select quotes from the special:

“The girls all came into the show already in love with Bob because they had seen him on “The Bachelorette” show and they were ready to hook up pretty fast. And so it worked out for old Bob.” – Mike Fleiss, Creator, The Bachelor

“I randomly got found in a nightclub in London one night. I was working in uh, in finance in the city, kind of a stockbroker and this American woman came up to me and she said, “I saw you when you walked in do you wanna be on the Bachelor?” And I was like “um, what’s the Bachelor?” She gave me her card and I got home, and I just googled it and I literally wet myself. I thought this is going to be a hell of an adventure.” – Matt Grant, The Bachelor, Season 12

“Being on “The Bachelor” show definitely changes your life.” – Mike Fleiss, Creator, The Bachelor

“To me it was like match.com on steroids and hey, the network’s paying for these wonderful date experiences. So why not?” – Andy Baldwin, The Bachelor, Season 10

“My life really changed. Um, not for the best at first, because people saw the episode and it really was hard to be thought of as a professional and, and um, not the crazy girl.” – Rhonda Rittenhouse, The Bachelor, Season 1

“Before I went on the show, I was a restaurant designer. I, uh, was drinking too much wine one night with a girlfriend. I applied. And literally like five days later somebody called…I don’t think I was there to fall in love. I wasn’t attracted to Jason right away. Sorry, Jason.” – Jillian Harris, The Bachelor, Season 13

“There are a lot of embarrassing moments that were aired, obviously, from The Bachelor [but] I gained so much strength from that and the experiences after the show have led me to where I am now.” – Christi Weible, The Bachelor, Season 2

“There have been a few people that are just really angry. Just, you know, “how could you cheat on Jake” and “why would you go on there and take some other girl’s place?” “I hope you die.” They don’t even know me, that’s the crazy part.” – Rozlyn Papa, The Bachelor, Season 14

E! Entertainment Special: THE BACHELOR – Then & Now premieres July 28 at 10pm EST/PST only on E!

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Josh Brown
Josh Brown
10 years ago

Want to see Erica Rose as a Bachelorette, she is smart and pretty, not boring, and plain.