E! True Hollywood Story: Charlie Sheen

Wednesday, April 06, 2011
By Julie Wiegan

With Charlie Sheen making headlines lately, it’s only natural for the public to want to hear what his friends and colleagues have to say about him. “When I watch what’s happening with Charlie right now, I’m very, very sad,” his longtime friend, actor Daniel Baldwin, says about Sheen. This is someone that I’ve known for almost 25 years. Such a public disintegration is — is very difficult to watch. I think the chances of Charlie injuring himself or someone else are pretty high. There are people openly talking about [how he] will he die soon. Knowing Charlie, probably not. But does that mean that someone else isn’t gonna get injured or die or something else horrible isn’t gonna happen?”

Former girlfriend Dolly Fox and Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss share exclusive details about their relationship with Sheen. Fox says, “We’d be holding hands and girls would come up and say, ‘Here’s my number, when you’re done with her.'” Fleiss tells E!, “In the early ’90s, when I first started doing business with Charlie, it was great. He would tell me what he wanted and I would deliver what he wanted. One of my girls came back one day and said, ‘Oh, it was great – Charlie wanted me to dress as a cheerleader.”

According to Dr. Howard Samuels, CEO of The Hills Treatment Center, who has not treated Sheen, most men go for hookers because they have a serious intimacy issue. “They don’t feel they can have that connection with someone who isn’t as damaged. So the reason Charlie or somebody like him brings in this element is because it’s a mirror of who he is.”

E! True Hollywood Story: Charlie Sheen airs tonight, April 6, 2011 at 10pm PST/EST only on E!

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