E! True Hollywood Story: DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER

Monday, May 24, 2010
By Julie Wiegan


Before becoming the star of his own reality show, Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman lived a rough life. Being raised by an overly strict father led him to rebel during his teens, which got him in serious trouble with the law. Even though he spent time in prison, was addicted to drugs, and had several failed marriages, Dog managed to turn his life around with the help of his fifth wife Beth and because of his devotion to Christianity. The special also chronicles what happened when Dog’s sons, Tucker, sold the infamous tape recording of Dog using racial slurs to the National Enquirer, and Dog watches a video tape message from Tucker, whom he hasn’t seen or spoken to in over three years.

Here are select quotes from the special:

On his strict father:
“He would call me a baby if I cried too much. And then he’d beat me for not crying. And finally I told my mom, ‘listen, this hurts really bad, if you love me, you gotta stop this.’”

On the birth of his first child:
“I remember holding him and loving on him and I’m like, ain’t no Harley Davidson, no woman, no nothing felt this good. And I said to the Lord, ‘no more felonies.’”

On how his dating habits affected his young daughter:
“I went through 36 girls… and one day baby Lyssa said the prayer and said, ‘God, would you please not let Dad f*** the nanny.’ She’s like eight, right? And I’m like, ‘oh my God.’”

On his past drug use:
“For a year and half I don’t remember my life. I smoked that crap every single day.”

On his unique job in prison as a barber for the warden:
“I went to the library and I found this book written in the 1930’s on how to angle the clippers, how to taper the head, and with my silver tongue I got the job. So I just started patting it down, putting the stuff on it. First head I ever cut in my life, and I go ‘how’s that?’ and (sic) he looks in the mirror and goes, ‘great Dog!’ ‘Thank you warden,’ Phew!”

On his days as a vacuum salesman:
“I saw this ad that said, come do this and you make a guaranteed $300 a week. I went, it was showing vacuums. And every farmer I showed a vacuum [sic] to would buy one or two…and I wouldn’t leave till they bought it.”

On the first time he saw his wife Beth:
“I’m sitting in my office and I look up and there are two of the most beautiful breasts in a shirt with a bra that I had ever seen. And she said, ‘my name is Beth.’”

Dog and Beth on the first night they spent together:
“I called Beth up and I said, “Meet me at the low rent rendezvous.” Beth- “He said ‘go get white Russian mix and meet me at a hotel and call me with the room number,’ and he was just the most passionate person that I’d ever known…he rocked my world.”

On his future with Beth:
“I hope Beth is my last wife.”

E! True Hollywood Story: DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER premieres May 24 at 10pm EST/PST only on E!

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Amber LeJeune
Amber LeJeune
10 years ago

i love the show and everyone in it.. i missed the true hollywood story.. when will it play again or where can i watch it online