TV Land goes live with HOT IN CLEVELAND and THE SOUL MAN season premieres

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
By Tricia Stevens

TV Land is going live tonight with season premieres of their hit comedy shows Hot In Cleveland and The Soul Man.

On this episode of Hot in Cleveland entitled Stayin’ Alive, Victoria (Wendie Malick) and the other women go to a hideout that Elka (Betty White) knows after her husband Emmet (Alan Dale) escapes prison. When they arrive, they discover it’s double-booked with other criminals.

tv land season premieres hot in cleveland the soul man

And then on The Soul Man live episode All The Way Live, Boyce (Cedric “The Entertainer”) decides to put on a live concert to save the church when he learns it’s summer camp might close down. Meanwhile, Stamps (Wesley Jonathan) and Lolli’s (Niecy Nash) sister, Kim (Kellee Stewart), are still in love and are thinking about taking the big leap to move in with each other. However, Lolli and Boyce have their own thoughts about this idea.

Check out the live shows tonight Wednesday, March 26th at 10pm EST/PST and 10:30pm EST/PST.

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