Style Him Right

Tuesday, January 01, 2008
By Lourdes Regala


ESPN TV NFL Analyst and former football player, Marcellus Wiley, may have scored on the field, but now he’s scoring with his fashion sense. As co-owner of the new women’s fashion boutique, La’Tik in Santa Monica, California and a partner of the lifestyle brand, Elevee, Marcellus gives us his top five tips that’ll have your guy dressing just the way you like him.


Add your signature to clothing. It must identify you more than it does the designer.

Complement your undertones. But to do that, you must first identify what they are.

Do not look like a mannequin. There is nothing worse than seeing someone who looks like a store display or mannequin. Be original and mix and match pieces that complement each other. Ordering custom-made clothes at places like can never hurt!

Get your clothes fitted. Stop dressing like you have to buy your clothes big enough to grow into. You are not six years old anymore. Your clothes are made for you, so show you!

Make sure you complement everything with a nice manicure, scent of cologne, splashy accessories, and a positive attitude. A smile wears better than any Armani suit!

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clarence jones
clarence jones
11 years ago

the suit mr. wiley and the 5 comments were correct. i like mr wiley suit but it was too long. i have been getting my suit made for at 14yrs. and my guy would never let me wear the jacket 2 to 3 inches longer past my hand maybe a 1 or 1 1/2. his stylist should have made it alittle shorter. he should have suggested to him. u dont just put clothes on people just to make money. sometimes explain to the customer why and whynot’s. i know we like the zoot suit type with long jackets, but that… Read more »