Style Him Like Beckham

Wednesday, August 01, 2007
By Deanna Roseann

He may not be David Beckham, but he can still get his style. Here are three do’s you’ll want to see your guy in:

This cut works better with straighter kind of textured hair. Use a wax-based product or leave-in conditioner when hair is wet or damp and finger comb. sidepart.jpg
beckhambuzzcut.jpg This is what David is currently sporting. It can be cut evenly with an electric buzzer or hair clipper, starting from the nape of the neck, moving up towards the head. Maintain this style by trimming hair every three weeks.
beckhamrazorchipped.jpg Blonde or brunette? Why not both. Make sure only the tips are bleached blonde, not touching the base of the natural hair color.

Style Tip: Want more hair tips, just email Deanna at Ask Our Pros.

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