2009 Holiday Travel Tips

Thursday, December 03, 2009
By Julie Wiegan


Travel with ease during the holidays with these tips from EL AL Airlines, Israel’s national airline.

Try to fly during the week
If at all possible, book your flight sometime in the middle of the week. Normally, weekend departures have a much higher demand than mid-week flights, and often times the best prices can be found during the week.

Check for hotel/airfare deals
Many airlines offer packages and discounts on hotels, as well as combination air/car rental packages, depending on the airline and destination. Call the airline or check out the airline’s website for deals as many of these combinations are very competitively priced.


Check for special discounts
Many airlines offer discounts for families, children, and anyone over the age of 60 as well as their travel companions. Call the airline or view the website to find out discounts and special accommodations.

Consider late flights or red eyes
Red eyes and late night flights offer several advantages. First of all, when leaving at night, travelers can have a full day at the office or home. On the return, when taking a late night flight, travelers have a full day at their destination and don’t have to pay for an extra hotel night. Evening flights offer early morning arrival, as well as a quieter flight that allows for a better nights sleep on board.

Plan to arrive at the airport or station earlier than usual
The holiday season means many people are traveling, so there are more traffic jams and long lines. Allowing for a margin of time will pay off in reduced stress and could also mean the difference between a missed flight and one caught in plenty of time. Two hours is ideal for a domestic flight and at least 2 and a half for international. Be sure to check with the airline prior to your flight but always leave extra time!

Prepare your pets for travel
As pets are often part of the family and hence the holiday travel plans, help prepare them accordingly. Pets should exercise before the flight– taking your pet for a quick jog or walk will help calm your pet before the flight so that they will sleep easier and be more comfortable. Pets should be fed a few hours before departure.


Dress airport appropriate
Wear slip-on shoes to make your trip through security checkpoints easier. Wear an outfit with plenty of layers to be appropriately prepared for various weather conditions and in-flight temperature changes. For children, get them ready for the flight by dressing in loose, easy to change, comfortable clothing and shoes. It is best to have the child dress in layers of clothing. See our other tips for flying in style here!

Prepare children for travel
Leading up to any flight or planned trip, gradually adjust the child’s sleeping schedule in order to prepare for long flights or when traveling through different time zones. Have them stay up a bit later every night.

Plan activities for your children while at the airport
Pack a bag with a lot of supplies to keep your child involved in fun games and activities. Bring items such as a sketch pad, crayons, stencils, books, educational games, and more.

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vacation deals for new years

Thanks for the advice! I had no clue that traveling during the week could make a difference on costs but I guess it makes sense now that I am thinking about it. I actually found some great deals for traveling during the holidays and especially for New Years so feel free to check them out.