Fly in style!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009
By Sara Moore


Don’t sacrifice fashion for comfort. Next time you get on a plane, follow these five tips from style expert and designer Lisa Vogel.


No pj’s please! Opt for the new Fall trend: Denim leggings
Travelers can still keep it comfy and chic by wearing the new denim leggings and ballet flats or sandals.


Splurge: J Brand Denim leggings, Neiman Marcus, $160


Steal: Faux Denim High Waist Leggings, American Apparel, $42

No workout wear! Wear light and airy linen instead.
Traveling on a jet plane is not the time to look like you’re on your way to spin class. Sure it may be super easy to travel in, but the spandex and sports bra are better left for gym time. Opt for linen pants instead. They’re comfy as can be and if they get wrinkled on the flight, not a problem, wrinkles are part of the whole linen look!


Splurge: Luxe by Lisa Vogel Island Hopper Juliana Linen pants, $131


Steal: Drawstring Linen Pants,GAP, $44.95

Give boots the boot! Grab a cute pair of ballet flats.
Boots are way too difficult to take off quickly when going through security. Fashionable ballet flats are key for an easy security check and you can kick them off once you’re on the plane and put some cozy socks on instead!


Splurge: Christian Louboutin, Studded Ballerina Flats, $655


Steal: Frankie Flats, Nordstrom, $59.95

Wrap it up!
Since most airlines don’t hand out blankets anymore, travel with a beautiful cashmere wrap. It will keep you warm on the flight and will make a luxurious cover-up for your favorite swimsuit.


Splurge: Luxe by Lisa Vogel Jet Setter, Francis wrap, $405


Steal: Airy Shadow Cashmere wrap, Nordstrom, $78

Carry on a beach bag.
“Multifunctional” is the word we all love when packing! Large transparent tote bags are great to use as a carry-on for the plane and then transitioned into a beach bag once you have landed.


Splurge: Chanel Clear Tote, $630


Steal: Luxe by Lisa Vogel Tote, $60

Stick to one color. Coordinate your outfits so they all go back to black or brown. This way you can easily mix and match pieces and shoes.

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