Summer driving tips

Wednesday, July 27, 2011
By Sara Moore

If you’re hitting the road this summer with your family, friends, or boyfriend, find out how to save money and be safe on the road with these tips from, America’s largest independent tire tester and consumer-direct source for tires, performance parts and accessories. “Most drivers are extremely careful during the winter on snow and ice, but the same care and caution should be applied by all drivers in summer as well,’” says Matt Edmonds, vice president, Tire Rack. “Preparing for summer travel and following a simple maintenance routine can save consumers hundreds of dollars and keep them safe on the road.”

Don’t Mix and Match
All tires are not created equal. Mixing tires of different brands, tread depths and performance categories can cause a serious loss in vehicle stability.

Consider Summer Tires
Unlike all-season tires, summer tires are designed specifically for warm and wet weather. For a list of summer tires that deliver driving excellence in both dry and wet weather, visit

Tires don’t carry the weight of your vehicle, the air pressure inside them does. Underinflated tires offer less traction, reduce fuel mileage, wear out prematurely and can suffer unnoticeable damage that compromises their performance and safety. One out of four vehicles on the road is running on underinflated tires. Check tire pressure often, don’t just “set it and forget it.” For a list of high-quality tire gauges, visit the accessories page on

Avoid Potholes
Driving through just one “large” pothole can weaken a tire, reducing its long-term durability and ride quality. Potholes can also knock a vehicle out of alignment, reducing handling and tire life. Drive around large puddles – they can be hiding deep, rain-filled potholes.

Drive Through a Blowout
Instead of slamming on the brakes if a tire blows out, maintain pressure on the accelerator for an instant to preserve your car’s momentum and offset the pulling. Don’t hit the brakes. Once the car is stable, slowly pull to the side of the road.

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