Be part of the Bushmen Initiation Ritual Safari tour

Monday, March 28, 2011
By Tricia Stevens


Between April and September 2011, travelers will have the opportunity to participate in a one-of-a-kind Bushmen Initiation Safari through Uncharted Africa Safari Co. Co-founder and safari guide, Ralph Bousfield, will accompany guests on an adventure for eight nights with the Bushmen. Guests can participate in a rapidly disappearing Bushmen ritual that has been carried out for nearly 30,000 years. This journey takes place in a ruggedly wild area where there are no roads, just elephant paths and game trails to follow. Guests will travel with the Ju/hoasi people as the young men from this tribe attempt to make the transition to manhood by demonstrating their survival skills and animal tracking abilities.

Bousfield says the experience is “a huge amount of camaraderie, lots of laughs, but most of all, no one knows what will happen.” His passion for the safari started at an early age, having learned from his legendary father, Jack Bousfield. The older Bousfield was every bit the original African pioneer, growing up on safari, having worked with some of the best hunters and trackers, and even surviving an astounding six airplane crashes.

The Bushmen Initiation Safari is available for $1,430 per person per night for a minimum of eight nights, extended trip options not included. This safari is available for groups of six to eight guests at a minimum of eight nights. Guests have the option of extending their stay to include Jack’s Camp and the enigmatic Tsodilo Hills, a place of deep spiritual and religious importance for the local people.

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