Angels & Demons

Thursday, May 14, 2009
By Abbey Khan


Based on the bestselling novel by Dan Brown, Harvard symbologist (Tom Hanks) who we first met in The Da Vinci Code must save the Catholic Church from the Illuminati in Angels & Demons. As the Church’s oldest enemy, the Illuminati is a secret society of intellectuals comprised of artists, scientists and government officials who have challenged the Church’s views for 400 years. Langdon and Italian scientist Vittoria Vetra (Ayelet Zurer) are in a race against time as they try to save four Cardinals who are favored to become the new Pope from being murdered one after another on the hour based on mysterious Illuminati codes tied to the ancient symbols of earth, air, fire and water.

What is surprising is that in Ron Howard’s long directing career, this is the first time he has returned to a character. “I never wanted to do that because I’m always interested in trying to create new territory. And Angels & Demons does that– even though Robert Langdon is again at the center, the film is so different from The Da Vinci Code and allows me to exercise a whole new set of cinematic muscles. It is literally, a ticking-time-bomb thriller, couched in a completely different way from The Da Vinci Code.”

Recommendation: If you enjoyed The Da Vinci Code and like to watch mystery thrillers, then you’ll enjoy Angels & Demons. Ron Howard does a great job with visuals and special effects; Tom Hanks is smart and funny as Robert Langdon; Ewan McGregor has a boyish charm as a man of God; but Ayelet Zurer really never holds your interest as the brainy scientist and seems more like an assistant who follows Robert Langdon around and hangs on his every word as he, not they, tries to save the Church.

Angels & Demons is a Columbia Pictures and Imagine Entertainment mystery thriller and is rated PG 13. Watch the mystery unfold in theaters on May 15, 2009.

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11 years ago

Can’t wait to see this movie, the de vinci code was awesome!